Speech Topics

You Need this Guy!

Turbo-charge your group to new peaks with a dynamic and entertaining presentation by Dwayne G. Smith. Your audience will learn to take charge of their own lives with simple yet powerful ideas that allow them to respond to life’s difficult challenges.





I was in Atlanta last weekend from California. I had the honor of speaking to Ben Hill Toastmasters and they showed the video of your speech on "Music" done for the International Convention in 2002. I was so very impressed and wish to remind you that indeed God has given you a gift -- in fact, many gifts.

Patricia Adelekan, CTM and WFG.

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Keynote Topics



Explore A World Of Possibilities

Within each of us resides an intuitive ability to accomplish the deepest desires of our heart and realize that possibilities are limited by our own commitment to our own vision. This is an interactive keynote that will guide the audience to not only think and act like all things are possible but to also dance like it has already happened.


Everything I Need To Know About Speaking I Learned in Beginning Band

A public speaking journey as told from the perspective of one who is not a natural speaker, but one who has had to work hard to overcome shyness and a reluctance to speak in public. By applying lessons learned from Beginning Band to Toastmasters, business and to life in general, you can transform your past into a better future.


Bringing Out The Winner In You

In every individual there lives a winner who is just waiting to get out. Your “Inner Winner” is ready to do great things but some of us only allow it to watch TV or idly waste our time away. In this session, you will see that whatever hopes and dreams you might have or have thought about are within your reach. You are about to discover how to apply winning techniques to help you become a winner in life by releasing the winner in you.


That's What It's All About

If the stresses of life are getting you down then this is the session for you. We take a look at those olden and golden days when life was so much simpler, back to the lessons of childhood. By taking you back, we relive those great games and nursery rhymes, recall the lessons learned and apply them to our lives today.


Get On The Bus

Crafting a speech together is very much like driving a bus and if you speak to an audience, you are a bus driver. This keynote explores the destination purpose and strategy aspects of creating a speech. The bus will take you where you want to go so you can take the audience where they want to go.




Workshop/Breakout Topics



Step One, WRITE the Speech

Does it take you 2 or 3 weeks to write a speech and even then it is not where you wanted it to be? This workshop will show you how to make speech preparation easier so that you will be less apprehensive about speaking and provides a template to follow in order to make your speech focused and on point.


You’re Leading, Who’s Following?

When you are leading it’s always a good idea to take a look around to see who is following or if anyone is following at all. This session shows how important it is to communicate with your team and take interest in the passions of those who are following.


Seven Steps To Speaking Success

Workshop (1 Day)


This program is designed to make speaking easier, more effective and rewarding. He shares tricks of the trade he learned on his way to becoming a world champion speaker. Learn the 7 steps to successful speaking:


If you are interested in becoming a better speaker then why not learn from one who has achieved the pinnacle of Toastmasters speaking. Here are a few questions to ponder. Do your speeches lack excitement ?  Does it take you 2 or 3 weeks to write a speech and even then it is not where you wanted it to be ?  Have you ever wondered how some speakers look so confident and smooth as they give a speech ?  Would you like others to wonder the same about you ?


If you answered “yes” to those questions or if you are already a great speaker who is willing to learn more, then I invite you to join me for “The 7 Steps to Speaking Success”. I must warn you; this is not a sit-down-listen-to-me-do-all-the-talking presentation. You will need to bring a pad and pen to get all of this good information down.


Professionals who follow 7 Steps To Successful Speaking…

  • spend less preparation time
  • find it easier to write speeches
  • are less apprehensive about speaking
  • are prepared to give a speech any time any where